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AGRO Pulping Machinery (P) Ltd.,     
14, SIDCO Industrial Estate
Ambattur, Chennai 600 098
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone : 91 - 44 - 2625 1271             
               91 - 44 - 2624 6510
E-Mail : info@agropulping.com




J-K Paper Limited, Unit: JKPM
Jaykaypur, Odisha India

  • Matrix commissioned this system (#16) in December 2014.
  • This is the first petcoke fuel system for a lime kiln in India.
  • The DENSI-FEED System was design for a maximum rate of 2.5 mtph.
  • Storage Silo is 240 tonnes.
  • The kiln was previously using 100% FO.
  • The conversion project was on time and is outperforming our promises.
  • Currently they are burning at 65%+ substitution level.
  • Currently JK receives 1000 kg bulk bags for filling the DENSI-FEED® Storage Silo.

  • Matrix provided the new dual fuel burner.  PC/FO
  • DENSI-FEED® Silo is over 200 m from the kiln burner.
  • PetCoke Silo with Fuel Bulk Bag Storage Warehouse Facility
  • Silo is on the cold end of the Kiln - approximately 200 meters away.
  • Matrix provided the Dual Fuel Burner for Co-Firing Petcoke along with Fuel Oil.
  • Steady fuel feed from the Matrix DENSI-FEED system provides a beautiful flame at 1.20 mtph.
  • JK Management was very pleased with the success of the project and fuel savings.

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