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  • Design of bulk powder storage and handling systems.
  • Design of custom feeders for powder handling.
  • Design of batch and continuous weighing systems.
  • Design of packaging systems including bag packers, bulk bag loaders and unloaders, drum filling and air pallets.
  • Vacuum/Pressure dilute and/or dense phase pneumatic conveyor systems.
  • Pulverized fuel injection systems for ground petroleum coke.
  • Design of batch and continuous dry blending and liquid mixing systems.
  • Food and pharmaceutical sanitary design for liquid and dry material handling.
  • Incinerators, thermal oxidizers and quenchers.
  • Ventilation systems including fugitive dust control and scrubber systems.
  • Mechanical building systems including HVAC and plumbing.
  • Solid modeling with finite element analysis for strength of machine components.
  • Special function machine design including kinematic analysis and synthesis.

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