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Matrix Engineering provides a wide range of consulting engineering services to industrial clients. Our client list includes major producers of Chemicals, Pulp and Paper, Steel, Minerals, Water Treatment, Baking Powders, Food Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Binders, Cosmetic Gels and Powders, and Tobacco Products.  We are also the industry leader for pulverized fuel feed systems for lime recovery kilns.  Our innovative technology produces steady and predictable feed directly from large silos and provides instantaneous and continuous measurement and control of difficult powders.

Matrix has Hard Working Engineers...Matrix Engineering is comprised of dedicated, hard working engineers who understand thattheir long-term future depends on their ability to provide you, the client, with creative but functional designs. We also understand that, in today’s business climate, time-critical projects are the rule and not the exception. In order to rely as heavily as we do on "repeat" business, we must provide efficient designs in a timely and cost-effective Matrix Industrial Systems, Inc. - Pulverized Fuel Feed Systemsmanner.


Matrix Industrial Systems, Inc. provides custom bulk material handling and control systems to industry.  Our goal is seamless implementation of our designs through providing a complete system package, even to the point of turnkey installation as well as maintenance and emergency service calls.


Matrix Industrial Systems, Inc. offers a rugged and proven true continuous weigh feeder over typical batch systems.  Our DENSI-FEEDER® removes air when feeding and monitors the material rate instantaneously off the discharge.  Our system provides a reliable and predictable feed for applications where continuous feeding is preferred over batch and refill systems.  Matrix also supplies custom filters known as DENSI-FILTERS® for maintaining a vacuum above pressurized convey system entry points to improve feed and promote system cleanliness.

Matrix Petcoke Flame - 80% SubstitutionPULVERIZED FUEL SYSTEMS

Matrix is the industry leader for petcoke fuel conversion projects in rotary kilns.  Matrix can provide fuel delivery systems to displace as much as 80~90% of natural gas or fuel oil with petroleum coke. Our innovative technology can also be used for lignin or biomass on kilns or boilers.


Matrix provides engineering design and/or supply of industrial control systems for bulk material handling, packaging systems, batch & continuous processes, weigh systems, pulverized fuel systems, wastewater treatment and specialty machines for manufacturing processes, including linear motion.  We also provide specialty control systems for large air compressors along with load sharing, sequencing, and anti-surge capability.


Matrix's Mobile Test Units (MTU’s) are capable of continuous weigh feeding of difficult powders for temporary or experimental purposes.  The system is complete with full instrumentation and controls including wireless communication with PC HMI.  Potential combustion applications include pulverized fuel feed for powder fuels such as petcoke lignin, or biomass.  Other potential applicatons include emission control on effluent gas streams utilizing activated carbon, hydrated lime, or trona.  The dual feed system design could also allow a combination of sorbents or provide two separate feeds to different injection points or effluent streams.                                                Matrix Mobile Test Unit Feed System for Pulverized Fuel Feed and/or Emission Control with Sorbent Trials

This is a high quality feed system outfitted with industrial controls and instrumentation for trending the feed system performance for comparison to your downstream process and/or environmental emissions.

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