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Nol-Tec’s unique blending cone provides reliable and efficient pneumatic blending of dry bulk materials. The cone can easily be mounted on an atmospheric bin/silo or pressure vessel for dense phase conveying of the blended product. It features six or twelve injection piston assemblies. These assemblies are comprised of the piston housing, a ceramic seal, and the piston itself complete with a molded urethane coating. When these assemblies are "pulsed", air is injected between the ceramic seal and the piston, into the center of the material at various angles. The material is lifted upward and outward in a continuous circular motion. Each piston assembly features an individual solenoid valve to achieve optimal pulse duration and frequency.

Key Benefits

  • Few moving parts.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Uses standard plant compressed air.
  • Clean operation.
  • Externally accessible wear parts.
  • Control of blend cycle timing.
  • Quick, gentle blending.

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