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Dense Phase Transporter

Dense Phase conveying utilizes a small amount of air at a relatively high pressure to move a large amount of bulk material through an enclosed convey line. This type of system results in much lower conveying velocities (200 to 3,000 feet per minute), as it gently pushes the product through the convey line in controlled "slugs." This concept is ideal for fragile or abrasive products such as silica sand, carbon black, and spray dried tile body.

The efficiency of Nol-Tec’s Dense Phase system is further enhanced by the use of our unique Air AssistTM assemblies. These assemblies are strategically located along the convey line. Injecting air into the convey line through these Air Assists causes the material being conveyed to form even shorter slugs. Because the overall resistance is being reduced, the air supply pressure required to move the material through the line is lowered. This results in the ability to reliably convey longer distances at lower velocities.

Key Benefits

  • Gentle handling of "hard-to-handle" materials.
  • Reduced product degradation.
  • Reduced product segregation.
  • Minimal component and system wear.
  • Energy efficient.
  • Total system containment - controls dust.
  • Few moving parts.
  • Continuous transfer of material.
  • Flexibility in routing.

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