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The Nol-Tec Heavy-Duty Two-Way Switch is designed for trouble-free conveying of dry, abrasive, and difficult-to-handle materials in pneumatic conveying systems up to 90 PSIG. The switch features a smooth bore, abrasion resistant, urethane conveying tube and seal, providing unrestricted flow of material. This unique design minimizes product degradation and cross contamination, yet provides excellent abrasion resistance. The switch can be used in either diverging or converging applications. The Nol-Tec Heavy-Duty Two-Way switch is available with either a 15, 22-1/2, or 17-1/2 degree off-leg seal.

Nol-Tec's reputation for responding to customer needs can be seen in our ongoing development of new switch designs. When existing products haven't provided adequate solutions for special applications, Nol-Tec's engineering staff has gone to work to design customized options such as our two-way gravity diverter, three-way automatic hose switch, and seven-way line switch . . . just a few examples of Nol-Tec's commitment to new product development.

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