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Matrix Engineering offers a complete line of project services, from concept development, concept feasibility, cost estimating, design, project scheduling, bid procurement, construction management, and start-up.  Services that we routinely offer include the following:


Project engineering and management services that we at Matrix can offer will allow the client to interface with one person throughout all phases of the project, allowing the client to dedicate more time to the profit generating functions of their company.  Our project engineers have rather extensive experience, having handled many projects of varying size and complexity.

Matrix Engineering can provide a design team comprised of professionals in civil, structural, mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering.  This design team can provide all of the calculations and drawings necessary to construct your project.  Our engineers are very “hands-on” in their approach and, as a result, can provide very detailed designs that eliminate the “guess work” during installation.  We believe the contractor’s job is to efficiently construct and not spend time completing the engineer’s design.

Typical services that we provide include:

  • Conceptual Design - We can quickly develop several feasible options for your consideration, prior to hard engineering.
  • Cost Estimating - We can provide preliminary estimates along with our conceptual designs.  After the concept option is chosen, we can help you with the project economics or return on investment calculations to help justify your project.  We can also provide final estimates as the hard engineering proceeds toward construction.
  • Project Scheduling - We can provide and maintain a schedule which will aid in meeting the project deadlines for engineering, equipment procurement, construction and start-up.
  • System Provider – We can provide a complete turnkey system ready to install.
  • Construction Inspection and Status Reporting - Matrix can provide inspection services to determine that the project is being constructed per the design and specifications.  We can also make judgements on job progress for comparing to the overall schedule or making payments to the contractor.
  • Start-up Services - We have a very "hands-on" practical approach to our designs and look forward toseeing them commissioned.  We have a "team approach" philosophy in helping the client and the contractor get the project up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • In Service Orientation - In cases where significant changes have been made to your process, we often are asked to help train personnel for its operation.  We understand that getting the most out of your process means having a well-trained operator who also is interested in the success of the system.  Therefore, for certain projects, we recommend including them in all phases of the design.  They have the day to day experience with your product our engineers can rely on to help make your project a success.


Matrix Engineering can provide the complete design of your control system, from concept to commissioning.  Our programmable controls experience includes some of the top manufacturers such as Allen-Bradley, Modicon and GE Fanuc.  We are a Rockwell Certified Integrator and maintain software licenses as such.

Our understanding of the multiple aspects of your project will enhance our ability to provide very functional hardware and software systems.  Efficiently interfacing with your system operator is our specialty.  Our extensive HMI development includes small panel devices of many manufacturers to PC solutions including RSView, RS Studio and Wonderware.  Whether you have a complex bulk material handling system, a chemical process, or a single machine, our controls experience can add to your production efficiency, product quality and process safety.  We compliment our design services with start-up and post start-up services.


We understand the cost of a design can either support or deny its feasibility.  We are constantly balancing cost vs. design issues throughout the course of our projects.  Our considerable background in a variety of construction projects provides us with the ability to accurately and quickly estimate the construction costs for a design scheme.


Experienced construction management personnel can lower overall project costs and, at the same time, provide the client with the security of knowing the construction was carried out in accordance with the engineer’s intent.  Typical aspects of the construction management function includes:

  • Develop and Maintain Project Schedule
  • Bid Procurement
  • Maintain Project Records including As Built Revisions
  • Coordinate Construction Tasks
  • General Inspection
  • Negotiation of Change Orders


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