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Matrix Engineering is a proud representative for NOL-TEC Systems, a leading pneumatic systems company.

Let Matrix and NOL-TEC team up to help you with your toughest pneumatic conveying application. Our multi-disciplined engineering staff and NOL-TEC's conveying expertise make an unbeatable team even for the largest projects. Matrix and NOL-TEC have built a reputation on handling success.

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Pneumatic Conveying Concepts:



  • Dense Phase Conveying Systems
    Dense Phase conveying is recognized as one of the most efficient and reliable methods for moving heavy abrasive, non-abrasive, and/or fragile materials which cannot tolerate degradation or product segregation.
  • Dilute Phase Conveying Systems
    Dilute Phase conveying offers a cost-effective material handling option for moving smaller amounts of products which are less sensitive to product degradation or breakage.
  • Bulk Material Handling Equipment
    In addition to the design of comprehensive pneumatic conveying systems, Nol-Tec offers a full line of heavy-duty material handling components - products ranging from line switches and bulk bag unloaders to dust collectors and rotary airlocks.
  • Blending Systems
    Nol-Tec Blending Cones are designed for the homogeneous blending of dry materials and offer an unprecedented solution for abrasive applications.

Magazine Articles

  • How to pneumatically convey various materials in dense phase.
    Informative article from Powder and Bulk Engineering, March 1997 covering conveying of fine powders, fine to coarse granules, abrasive materials, compressible materials, and agglomerative materials.
  • Starting from scratch
    Rubber compound company gets help in designing a new process facility. Reprinted from Powder and Bulk Engineering, Nov. 1999. Various methods of handling carbon black with pneumatic conveying is discussed.

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