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Matrix Engineering began working with ground petroleum coke in 2000.   Since that time, we have become the industry’s leader in design of petcoke feed systems for domestic paper mills.  Our unique patented DENSI-FEED® system is unmatched for flame stability and its design is based our ability to feed a fine powder as easily as metering a liquid or gas fuel.  We have petcoke delivery systems at 14 different mills and have a proud history in innovative design for pulverized fuel systems.

Matrix also recently received its patent for its process of precise feeding of fine powders directly from a large storage silo.  This is a continuous feeding cycle with instantaneous feedback and control of the powder as it leaves the discharge of the feeder.  This is crucial for applications such as powdered fuels in kilns or boilers.

Depending on the cost of natural gas/fuel oil, number of kilns and the kiln size, our clients are SAVING anywhere from $100,000 TO $400,000 PER MONTH!

PetCoke is an economical choice as an additional fuel capable of displacing up to 70% of Fuel Oil and up to 85% of Natural Gas.  PetCoke is relatively inexpensive with little or no price volatility since it is a waste stream of the oil refinery.  Depending of the ever changing price of fuel, a Mill which burns 100% fuel oil can typically save between 25% and 50% of their total kiln fuel costs by co-firing with PetCoke.

PetCoke, prepared for the lime kiln, is a fine powder with both cohesive and flushing tendencies.  Controlling the feed consistency of this problematic powder is the key to unlocking an excellent fuel for the kiln which is on par with fuel oil in terms of kiln heat profile and lime re-burning quality.    Our patented DENSI-FEED® Pulverized Fuel Feed and Delivery System delivers precise and predictable fuel flow of this very difficult powder.

We can provide the total solution – engineering and system provider for your facility. Matrix has dedicated the past decade to perfecting our DENSI-FEED® technology and is focused on seamless implementation for your fuel conversion project.  Matrix currently has the most petcoke delivery systems on the market for the pulp and paper industry.

Matrix also has Mobile Test Unit systems to deploy ahead of the petcoke conversion project.  This allows a mill to test and evaluate performance and cost savings prior to spending capital on the permanent system. 

The success of our innovative design continues to result in future business. Let Matrix help you aim toward lowering your energy costs today.

Matrix has pioneered most of the pulp and paper sector of the fuel grade PetCoke market within the United States.  Matrix also recently provided the first PetCoke fuel delivery system for a lime kiln in India.  This project was highly successful by all measures!  Since natural gas is not an option in India, petcoke will co-fire and displace the more expensive fuel oil.  Petcoke is also a very dry and radiant heat that is superior to Producer Gas and Biogas.  Therefore petcoke is THE BEST CHOICE TO CO-FIRE WITH FUEL OIL.


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