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            Designed a new system for the milling and drying of freshly mined tripoli stone.  Included was a new vibrating fluid bed dryer, associated dust collection and fans, a new hammermill, and a number of feed and take-away conveyors.  Design included lay-out, foundations, bulk handling, dust control, power and controls.  The project replaced a rotary kiln dryer installed in the year 1919.  The replacement was engineered to minimize downtime and took only 5 days to complete.  The project resulted in a 45% savings in natural gas just six short months prior to the natural gas shortage price hikes.  This project was featured in Powder and Bulk Engineering Magazine, July 2000 issue.

-See Powder and Bulk Engineering article on this project (PDF format)











            Matrix Engineering provided civil, structural and mechanical design for a spray dryer facility used in the production of pharmaceutical clay.  Matrix assisted in the facility layout by coordinating the client with the spray dryer equipment manufacturer as well as the structural requirements of the seventy feet 5-floor structure.  We also designed a large versatile mechanical ventilation system for keeping the work environment bearable around a hot process during the summer months.  We also designed dense phase pneumatic conveying systems for moving the VEE-GUM around the dryer facility as well as pneumatic blending to homogenize different batch campaigns.









            Our services were required for the design of a system for transferring high temperature catalyst (500 deg C) from the discharge of a new tray dryer to a nearby bucket elevator.  We also designed an infeed system to the tray dryer, which included providing means for a uniform feed over an 8’-0” width.  This uniform feed was accomplished by using a hydraulic cylinder to power a traversing 18” wide belt conveyor across an adjustable arc or width.  The tray dryer manufacturer was impressed with the working concept and now advertises this infeed feature in its literature.


Matrix Engineering was asked to help solve material storage problems due to the hygroscopic nature of Carbopol.  Matrix provided the mechanical engineering necessary for designing a new bin vent and nitrogen purge arrangement that vented the hopper only when necessary and cleaned the filter bags only when dirty.  Matrix also provided a bin discharging aeration system for eliminating and/or preventing bridging problems.  In addition, Matrix provided the control sequence and electrical engineering necessary for operation of the bin vent and aeration discharge system in a Class I Div 2 Group D and G environment.






Matrix Engineering provided the structural and mechanical design for dust collection on an existing truck loading system for Texas Lime in Cleburne Texas.  The truck loading facility consisted of (2) retractable loading spouts which required adequate collection to prevent dusting when filling trucks.  Two 1000 cfm dust collectors where installed on newly designed platforms with fans above the existing product silos for independent operation of each truck loadout from the ground.


Matrix provided the structural, mechanical and electrical engineering required for a 3500 cfm fugitive dust collector in a Class I Div 1 environment.  The dust collector provided central dust collection for several packaging systems as well as a specially designed hood for an adjacent air pallet unloading station.


Matrix provided the mechanical design for custom design of a sanitary u-bend at the bottom of an existing spray dryer.  The u-bend had to be dis-assembled and cleaned for product changeovers.  Our sanitary design allowed for quick and easy cleaning by rolling back half the u-bend on a track and rotating the other half on a pivot bearing.







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