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Matrix Engineering was employed to provide the civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering necessary to build a 29,000 sqft factory and office facility.  Matrix provided the site work, architectural, foundation, HVAC, natural gas piping, plumbing, lighting, electrical power and computer network drawings.  The office portion of this factory was over 5500 sqft.








Matrix performed the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering necessary to build a 25,000 sqft factory facility for Jakel, Inc. in Murray, Kentucky.  The mechanical design for this building included air conditioning for the entire factory area as well as natural gas piping.  The electrical design included lighting, power and the sizing of electrical service entrance based on current and future needs.


            In conjunction with Murray’s Fisher-Price engineers, we provided civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, and HVAC services in 1995 for the conversion of a large portion of existing warehouse space into a new blow-molding room.  We also provided project management for this expansion.



            This project was a two-part project: the complete renovation of the existing ground floor offices and the complete design of one lot of offices on the second floor atop the original offices.  We provided all of the civil, mechanical, electrical and HVAC services.


            Matrix provided the civil, structural and mechanical design for a major addition to the existing Vanlube process at Vanderbilt Chemical's Murray, Kentucky facility.  The product was a NFPA 30 Class 1B flammable liquid requiring special design considerations for firewalls, escape routes and equipment placement.  The project consisted of a process area, packaging area, tank farm and truck load-out facility.  Mechanical design included heating and proper ventilation per NFPA guidelines.  Matrix also provided all of the complex grounding details and electrical classification drawings to satisfy the NFPA guidelines.


            Matrix provided the mechanical & electrical engineering necessary for providing heat and air to the main lab at ISP Chemicals in Calvert City, KY.  The (4) HVAC Units for designed for 100% outside air.  Special diffusers were used for spot cooling of lab equipment stations.


            Matrix provided the mechanical and electrical engineering necessary for a 6800 sqft addition.  We provided power design for relocation of their machine shop and assembly area.  The HVAC consisted of hot and chilled water coil air handling units mounted on the roof of the new structure.


            Matrix Engineering has provided electrical engineering services for a variety of health care projects.  Most of which were for Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau Missouri.  These projects included a new Obstetrics Unit with a nursery and neo-natal nursery.  We have also provided electrical engineering work for Operating Rooms, GI/Dialysis, Post Anesthesia Care Units, Sleep Labs, and a Wound Care Center.  We have also provided services for upgrading their boiler system.


            Matrix Engineering provided the structural and foundation design for a structural steel cross in front of the Regional Youth Center facing I-24 near Exit 7 in Paducah Kentucky.  The cross stands over 60 ft tall and 40 ft wide with a 16 ft square spread footing foundation.  The cross consists of over 20,000 lb of structural steel and was designed with translucent lexan panels around the base to prevent potential climbers.  We also provided details for the cross to arrive in (3) major pieces:  the base, the horizontal and the top.  The cross was erected in place in less than a half a day.  Matrix also provided the details for a jet black granite base with engraved scriptures on all four sides.









            Matrix provided the structural design and detailing for supporting a competition grade rock climbing wall inside the Heartland Regional Youth Center.  The 6 panel rock wall was 30 ft. tall and 20 ft. wide.  The wall is supported primarily from the floor and laterally supported from the interior roof steel.  We designed and detailed the structural steel backing in which the wall is attached.  We were also present and assisted in the erection of the wall itself.



Our design team performed the civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering necessary to construct a 84,000 sqft. warehouse in Murray, Kentucky.  Since the warehouse was outside of the city limits a propane heating system was required.  A fire water tank and pump station was also required for the sprinkler system due to the warehouse’s remote location.  Also, Matrix was employed to expand the warehouse an additional 42,000 sqft.


            We provided civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering services in the design of a new addition to their existing facility in Murray, Kentucky.  This addition is primarily used for receiving.  Scope included some rather extensive civil engineering, as well as structural, mechanical, and electrical; including lighting, power, HVAC, and fire suppression systems.


Matrix performed the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering necessary to construct a 16,000 sqft. warehouse for Jakel, Inc. in Murray, Kentucky.


Our engineering group provided the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering necessary to construct a 60,000 sqft. warehouse in Murray Kentucky.


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