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We provided the mechanical and structural engineering required for the design of a new cure-bin dumper.  The dumper payload was over 6000 lb. and the dump rotation was 150 deg.  We performed kinematic synthesis necessary to design the dumping mechanism as well as machine dynamics to determine worst case fatigue loadings on the structure.  We also sized and specified and drafted the necessary hydraulic power pack, cylinders, and components.


            Matrix provided the design and shop fabrication drawings for a new 4’ wide x 33’ long belt feeder to a jaw crusher.  Conveyor had to accept 1000# anodes after a four foot freefall, and deliver them to one of two crushers.  Direction of the feeder belt dictates which crusher is fed.  Project was installed in Fall of 1997.  Fabricator and installer was Conveyor and Drive Equipment of St. Louis, MO.


            Matrix provided mechanical design for providing a heavy duty pneumatic cylinder with a machined claw end for keeping an alumina feed chute clear at the inlet of a reactor.  The reaction process utilized hot phosphoric acid and is quite sticky resulting in a hardened concrete after drying.  This alumina ram was positioned such that it actuates to clear the chute and then retracts out of the product stream to avoid sticky build-up on the claw.


Matrix provided conceptual and hard mechanical design of a heavy duty screw feeder for metering phosphorus pentoxide (crystallized phosphoric acid) into a dissolve tank.  Due to the hot reaction during hydration in the tank (resulting into very hot phosphoric acid) the variable speed screw feeder consisted of a 316L S/S 1/2 inch thick 12 inch diameter auger and trough.  A special dump hopper with automated closing lid was designed with a large grated opening and bypass chute at the inlet of the feeder.  Very special design considerations were made for protecting the conveyor seals and bearings from making contact with the hot acid.  Our design allowed the acid crystals or hot liquid to fall out into an isolated gap and into the tank before it challenged the seal.  This was a highly successful design has virtually eliminated the huge stock piles of drummed feedback material that accumulated due to the inability to dissolve the crystallized acid safely.



            Matrix Engineering provided the detailed fabrication and design drawings of an auger feeder/dryer for processing a catalyst paste prior to palletizing.  The unit employed a hot air jacket for drying and an adjustable weir plate for retention time.  The unit was also given wheels for use in easy removal when performing maintenance on area equipment.


            Matrix provided the mechanical details necessary for fabrication of a mobile container and feeder for lead paste.  The unit consisted of dual 24 inch diameter augers and trough as well as an integrally mounted hydraulic power pack.  The feeder was design to be filled in one area of the facility, transported by forklift and hoisted by overhead crane for feeding into another area of the process.  Matrix worked for Conveyor and Drive Equipment Company out of St. Louis who fabricated and implemented the machine.


            Matrix provided the mechanical and structural engineering necessary for analyzing and repairing an existing dumper after a catastrophic failure.  The dumper handled a 6000 lb payload and was originally designed by another vendor.  Due to our quick response, very little production time was lost.


Matrix performed finite element analysis on a new and improved sanitary cure bin at US Smokeless Tobacco.  The cure bins hold approximately 5000 lb of product.  They are trucked around the facility quite frequently and see some fairly rough treatment.  The analysis allowed optimization of the sanitary design while maintaining and improving structural characteristics.


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